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Happy Friday! Today I wanted to start off by congratulating blogs that won this year’s Plutus Awards, including Mike from Oblivious Investor for best investing blog! It is well deserved! I wish you all a great weekend, here are some interesting links if you have the opportunity!:)

General Readings

Now I Know Where I Stand Financially @ DarwinsMoney
Passing the CFA to increase compensation @ SmartFinancialAnalyst
Why Rich People focus on earning @ HopeToProsper
Do like Steve Jobs; don’t follow your passion @ FastCompany
Mitt Romey vs Mr Burns @ Mad Magazine
Your taxes at work, who is paying what? @ ZeroHedge

Dividend Readings

QE3 Since when is pushing on the accelerator.. @ TheDividendGuyBlog
Is Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) A Good Buy? @ DividendMonk
Cramer’s top dividend picks @ ThePassiveIncomeEarner

Tech Readings

Walmart done selling Kindles? @ TechCrunch
Adobe misses on Q3 sales @ TechCrunch

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