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I’m off to New York in a few days, can’t wait to get back there so I’m posting using a photo from the very talented Lisa Bettany🙂 Here are some readings that I recommend:)

General Readings

Are long term bonds still a good buy? @ BalanceJunkie
What percent are you? @ TheBigPicture
Wizard of ETF’s @ Barrons

Dividend Readings

Investing and cash flow strategies through insurance @ TheDividendGuyBlog
What are dividends?
@ Monevator
The Dividend Growth Index Update @ DividendNinja
How many dividend stocks are enough? @ MyOwnAdvisor

Tech Readings

Facebook evaluation, revisited @ LongTermReturns
Apple (AAPL) is 20% of the Nasdaq index? @ ZeroHedge
Facebook (FB) acquisition of Instagram moving ahead @ TechCrunch

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