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Hope you are all off to a great weekend, I know I am:) I won’t drag on today but if ever you have some free time, here are some readings that I recommend:) Have a great weekend!

General Readings:

Do you have 11 days to take control of your finances? @ Fabulously Broke
Save us Ben Bernanke you’re our only hope @ The Atlantic
Financial planning: art or science? @ Balance Junkie
The Big reset: Here is what’s coming and what to do @ ZeroHedge
Why is no one from MF global in jail @ Coyote Blog

Dividend Readings:

11 surging dividend stocks that might continue their surge @ TheDividendGuyBlog
McDonald’s looking fair at $90 @ DividendMonk
Looking for yields in stocks and real estate @ CuriousCat
The Most successful dividend investors of all time @ DividendGrowthInvestor
Yes. Dividends Almost Always @ TheReformedBroker
Investing in utility stocks with high dividends @ MoneyCrashers

Tech Readings:

LinkedIn confirms user passwords leak @ TechCrunch
Why you shouldn’t buy Facebook @ DividendNinja

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