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Date posted: 05.18.2008 (4:08 pm) | Write a Comment  (2 Comments)

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I recently competed in my first stock market competition at Wall Street Survivor under the name Intspeculator and I did quite well. In the contest that finished in April I finished 17th out of more than 23,000 participants. I generated a return of 84.62 percent in just a few months. My return would have been higher but I stopped putting much effort into the competition when I realized I probably wasn’t going to finish in the top three (only the top three earned money). I was in the top three at a couple of points in the competition though.

I generated such a big gain by making the same investments I recommended on my website: shorting solar stocks and financials.

Wall Street Survivor is currently having a new competition that started on May 1 and ends on August 29. The top ten players in two categories (investor and trader) earn prizes. Investors are the players that place less than fifty trades. Traders are the players that place more than fifty trades.

The top player in each category wins a vacation to Cozumel worth $6000 and the next nine players in each category earn cash prizes. There are also cash prizes given out to the top five players with the highest weekly return. If you are interested in learning to trade stocks without any risk you should try Wall Street Survivor. Even if you don’t think you can place in the top ten you could potentially catch a hot stock and win a couple hundred dollars for having the highest weekly gain.

If you are interested in playing Wall Street Survivor click on the Wall Street Survivor picture on the left side of my website and sign up. Even if you are not interested in playing but you want to support my site sign up through the Wall Street Survivor banner and place at least one trade. You will be rewarding me for the time and effort I spend on the site.

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  1. Comment by Mike — May 18, 2008 @ 6:49 pm

    Way to go Phillip.. I’ll give it a shot myself.

  2. Comment by admin — May 18, 2008 @ 7:09 pm

    Thanks. I hope you do well.

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