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If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that we are followers of Blain’s excellent work at StockTradingtogo. He let us know some time ago about a new project he was working on and it was certainly ambitious. While comparison shopping is now one of the most appreciated features online, it is rarely attempted for services yet that is exactly what Tradewiser attempts do for online brokers. The website provides an easy way to get impartial reviews of the different brokers in order to decide which one is the best depending on your specific type of trading.

What we appreciate most on TradeWiser

The broker comparison chart: it would seem like an obvious thing to do but we have never seen one this complete and it is a quick and convenient way to see which trader is the best for your needs

Trade calculator: This provides an even easier way to find the best broker. You might not get the complete picture but that can make things less confusing and provide more direction.

Broker reviews: Honestly I think that doing a complete review of your broker or one that you are considering can be very useful.

Blog: Seems simple enough but the constant updates on the blog give me confidence that the information found everywhere else on the website is accurate and up-to-date which already a major advantage compared to other broker comparison websites.

What we would like to see added in the future

Obviously, since TradeWiser has only recently launched, there are many features that will be added and we have a few requests of our own:

Rate information: How much do brokers pay on balances, how much do they charge for margin trading, policies on short trading, etc. These can make a major difference for our type of trading and we certainly hope that TradeWiser will incorporate this information in the future.

FX rate policies: For investors located outside the United States, fx conversions are major part of choosing a broker and knowing that a specific broker offers better rates would certainly be a major advantage

Client feedback: It might be challenging to monitor but it would certainly be interesting to get feedback from users that have tried out these brokers


While this is a paid review, we are offering our honest opinion and have been very impressed with TradeWiser and have used it a few times in fact as we look for a broker for our upcoming company dividend fund. It is the best broker comparison website that we have seen and we’ll certainly be pulling for Blain to succeed with this new venture. Building a quality product was the big challenge so I would say he is off to a solid start! Let us know what you think about TradeWiser as well!

Disclaimer: This is an honest but paid review. We did it because we think it is a great financial resource on the Web and our opinion has not been biased. We are now offering to review your website for a highly competitive price. If you want IntelligentSpeculator to review your website, please feel free to contact us at thefinancialblogger (at) gmail (dot) com or visit our advertise section.

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