These 2012 Stock Picks Predictions Are Driving Me Crazy

By: ispeculatornew
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I don’t know if it’s just me… But you know those people that are so desperate for attention that they will do absolutely anything to get it? You know some of those right? I might be crazy but I find those that are already making 2012 stock pick predictions are crazy. Why? Because 2012 is still a couple of weeks away. Tons of things can change between now and then. No I do not only mean a war, big deals in Europe or even huge events of that nature.

But how could someone say that a stock like Microsoft (MSFT) or any other for that matter will do well in 2012. Is it because the stock is very undervalued? Let’s imagine an analyst or blog thinks Microsoft is 20% undervalued or some other crazy number…. Then, yes you could expect that stock to do well in the next few months.

What if Microsoft (MSFT) is upgraded by a few brokers or changes its expectations? Or if a few big investors decide to buy the stock. What happens if Microsoft (MSFT) outperforms the market by 15% in the next few weeks? Then, suddenly, the person that expected Microsoft to be a great buy for 2012 would no longer have it as such.

So are those really the “Best Stocks To Own In 2012”? No… They are “The Best Stocks To Own In 2012 Assuming No Changes”. That is not the same thing at all.

Am I being too picky? Am I completely off here? Believe me, I have nothing against 2012 picks, and I will be making some in a few different ways. But I don’t think you’d ever catch me doing such a prediction 2-3 weeks in advance… Markets have never been so volatile so trying to anticipate what things will look like next month seems like a crazy thing to do.

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