Super Bowl Ads, are they worth it?

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The start of February is always an interesting month for the advertising world as the biggest yearly event in the world takes place, the American Football championship, known better as the Super Bowl. How many shots do advertisers have at reaching 90 million American viewers at once? Not many. And so it is a rare opportunity to get a new message across or simply work on branding. Even more important is that the ads are actually a major part of the show with many viewers looking forward to seeing the ads, discussing them, and seeing them more and more.

Of course, this puts a lot of pressure on advertisers looking to generate buzz and get the press and viewers talking about their ads. But it does not come cheap obviously, as NBC this year was charging about $3 millions US for a 30 second spot. And while it is always a lot of money, that is even more true in this current very challenging environment. And some of the biggest sponsors decided to skip their turn. The most notable one was GM, usually one of the 2-3 biggest sponsors of the event that was not part of the show this year.

The major goal in such ads that target a broad audience is generally branding. Either you are looking to get viewers to discover who you are, or you want to reinforce it. Look at ads such as the much buzzed “CareerBuilder” ad. With about 1,5 million views on Yahoo videos, countless others on, Youtube, etc. Add to that the viewers that saw it on tv, all those that have been discussing it and you can easily manage how they now have a lot more internet users that will think of careerbuilder the next time they look for a job. Of course, the product still needs to be of great quality. And that is always the risk isn’t it?

See the CareerBuilder advertisement here:

When you think about it, $3 millions is indeed a lot of money, and if it was only the tv viewers that saw it, I might agree that it is just too expensive. But given everything around these ads and the potential for a huge hit, I think it can be worth its pot of gold. Of course, competing against so many other great ads makes it critical to have success:

1-Be on the edge: The ads that were most discussed were either very funny or on the edge of what was acceptable. For more established ads it was not as crucial, but especially if you are trying to make a name for yourself, it is critical.

2-Ideally, lead to action. I’m surprised that not many did this, but I thought that GoDaddy’s ad was brilliant in that it gave an incentivefor users (especially male ones) to go see the end of their ad on their website, giving them a lot more potential of converting their users and getting even more brand recognition.


3-Create hype: Knowing that these ads will be more discussed than anything else in your marketing, be sure to give users something to talk about so that your investment is one for a few weeks, not 30 seconds!!!

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