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Over time, this blog has been a great place for me to voice my thoughts on investing, on tech stock trading and dividend investing and so many other things. We have also gone from receiving a few readers per day to what is now over a thousand every day and for that I’m very thankful. Being a fan of technology stocks and of stocks like Facebook (FB) and LinkedIn (LNKD), it’s only natural that I finally get my act together:)

We have been active on Twitter for some time, but today I wanted to give a recap of how you can interact with me:) So here you go:

Our Blog (obviously!):

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You can also receive exclusive FREE content by email every 1-2 weeks about either:

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Social Media

I would LOVE if you could interact with me on:



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connect with me!

In particular, the Facebook page was just started so

I would appreciate if you can “like” us:)

So that’s it for now:) Thanks again for your support:)

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