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A few weeks ago, I saw this very interesting chart from Sillicon Valley Insider, where they put into numbers the amount that the major web players were making per visitor. Obviously, I will have to trust their numbers but I thought I would comment a bit on those numbers. Some of them surprised me, but others didn’t.
Looking from above…

Not a surprise at all to see Google right there at the top. It’s not difficult to understand why it makes so much more. When users are looking to purchase items, Google is generally their top entry point. And from there, users will spend what can turn out to be minutes, hours or maybe even more looking at different alternatives. That places Google in the perfect spot to get “commission” (i.e. ads) dollars. The main point is that the ads placed by Google are generally so targetted that users are more than happy to click on them, knowing that it might lead them to the product they are looking for.
It is quite a different feeling when you think about users scrolling on Facebook for an hour. Sure, they are seeing ads, but they are much more interested in looking at photos, sending messages, etc. So I would say that unless some major changes are done, you would expect Google to dominate this chart against any social media company.
But is there more to the story?
Of course, while the chart is likely to remain the same, a couple of elements will help social media better compete with Google:
More users: It might be a trend but right now there is no doubt that social media websites are gaining traffic at a faster pace than Google or other search/content sites. That might slow down but I can imagine a world where the biggest sites are not content network or search engines but rather sites that help people connect.
Better targetting: You would think that social networks such as Facebook might be able to generate much more targetted ads in the near future. They do have more information about us than almost any other media. The major part missing for them is our emails, and rumours are that Facebook will soon be offering an email service.
Do you expect social websites to take over Google and others in future charts?
AOL & Yahoo
The one thing that surprised me in the chart was seeing AOL not only 2nd, but 2nd by a wide margin. Honestly, I don’t really see how that happened. I will need to pay more attention to their properties to see where they would be getting such high ad revenues because I would have expected AOL & Yahoo to be virtually tied since they have a similar business mix. With AOL being newly launched though, those numbers could change and I would expect them to move downward.
Microsoft on its part is very low, just above social websites. That is very normal as Microsoft is not at all focused on revenues at this point with Bing, it continues to spend to gain market share and become an important player next to Google…..
Do you have any further thoughts?

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1 Comment

  1. Comment by Zavi — April 20, 2010 @ 2:36 pm

    Really interesting numbers. I am a pro-Google hehehe can’t beat them (at least not for the moment!!)

    I agree with you on this, social websites will not take over Google, unless changes are made. I am also quite surprised that AOL is 2nd…

    As for Bing, I’m not a buyer! I don’t find an information as quickly as

    Sorry maybe missed a part on all of this, but “AOL being newly launched” what does that mean?

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