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Date posted: 03.17.2009 (4:21 am) | Write a Comment  (0 Comments)

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Good morning everyone!

I just wanted to inform you that we have written a guest post on fellow blog “The Wild Investor“, you can see our post here! I will be posting a similar article about Yahoo(YHOO) tomorrow as they unfortunately have some things in common with the New York Times, especially when it comes to its internet strategy (which in Yahoo’s case is critical obviously).

Also, we will be following Baidu(BIDU) in the next few days. It had an impressive up move and is starting to give some of it back which could provide an opportunity to go ahead with a new trade. Of course, my “favourite short” right now, Yahoo(YHOO) is already in play but there are other options.

Anyway, should be an interesting day of trading!

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