Quick news – May 25 2010

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Walmart (WMT)
has cut in half the price of the Iphone 3G’s in its stores
Apple (AAPL) is ramping up production of its Ipad to 2.5 million per month
Google (GOOG) released a new version of its web browser, Chrome
Amazon (AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos said a color Ipad was not yet ready for prime time
Priceline (PCLN) raised to “Buy” at Soleil Securities
Nokia (NOK) and Yahoo (YHOO) announced a partnership covering email, IM, maps and navigation across mobile devices
Yahoo (YHOO) also announced a partnership with IAC Interactive’s (IACI) match.com which will become the exclusive online dating solution on Yahoo.
Google (GOOG) disclosed the portion of its adsense revenues paid out to publishers for content (51%) and search (68%)
Morgan Stanley (MS) says Apple’s (AAPL) shares could reach 400$
Yahoo (YHOO) acquired what is deemed the “Asian Foursquare”, Koprol
Dell (DELL) will be launching an Ipad competitor in June

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