Quick news – August 11 2010

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Tech news: (concern the stocks we follow)

Google (GOOG) is rated “Outperform” by Wells Fargo
Microsoft (MSFT) is rated “Market Perform” by Wells Fargo
Google (GOOG) entered into an alliance for DirectTV to use Google TV ads
Facebook is in discussions with AOL (AOL) regarding an advertising alliance

Best return:    Netflix (NFLX) +1,17%

Worst return:     Dice Holdings (DHX) -7,37%

ETF news:

A bunch of new treasury etf’s were released by Ipath; DTYS (10 year bear), DLBS (long bond bear), DTYL (10 year bull), DTUS (2 year  bear), DTUL (2 year bull), DLBL (long bon bull), FLAT (flattener trade)
USCI, a diversified commodity ETF was launched

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