Ontario’s No-fault Insurance

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No-fault insurance does sound like no one has to be responsible for a car accident, but that is not the case. When an accident occurs, it means that each driver is required to contact his or her own car insurance company regardless of which one caused the damage.

This type of auto insurance in Ontario also applies to each passenger in the cars involved. Each one must contact his/her own insurance company to see what benefits are available. In the event that someone is traveling with no insurance, they may be covered under the driver’s policy.

Fault Determination Rules are used by insurance companies so that fault is justly placed upon the right party (or parties) involved in an automobile accident. These rules work closely with the Insurance Act so that accidents are dealt with in a timely manner. Drivers beware that charges can still be made by the police at an accident using the Highway Traffic Act.

All types of accidents are up for determination of fault when they occur. Some are deemed “no fault” by either driver when road conditions come into play. Even though the police may decide this way, the insurance company still has to place blame somewhere. When an accident occurs the driver at fault will have to pay a deductible for damages and the insurance premiums may rise upon renewal of the policy.

Some do not agree with their “at fault” status when an insurance company makes a decision on an accident claim. There are ways to fight this. The insurance company’s Ombudsman Liaison Officer can be contacted and then the Ontario Insurance Ombudsman if needed. After these two, some opt for a court preceding if not happy with the outcome.

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