One More Sign That Washington D.C. Is Crazy

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I often write about building my passive income cash flows and how I’m working on being financially independent. One of the criticisms that I get is how not counting on my government pension is foolish. I’ve written about this just a week ago but then this weekend I came across this chart…

Chart from Coyote blog

So let me get this straight. When politicians say talk about how catastrophic the sequester will be, the impacts on our safety, on borders and airports, the defense budget and everything else… Just look at how much spending has increased in the past decade. This sequester is basically a 1% cut. Everyone agrees that it’s not being done in the smartest of ways but please don’t tell me that the government can’t cut 1% of its expenses.. especially the government is going to take care of these massive deficits.

I’ve said over and over that some revenues should be part of the solution. Some revenues were raised earlier this year and there will likely be more. But don’t think that I don’t get it. Spending is (by very far) the bigger problem and the fact that we can’t even agree to cut down 1% of the budget is not a good sign. If we’re going to see the US and other governments take action to reduce and eventually eliminate their deficits. If they don’t, how in the world will they be able to pay pensions and all other expenses.

If they keep kicking the can down the road, politicians will eventually get us to a dead end. Do you personally want to depend on Republicans and Democrats doing the right thing? I certainly don’t.

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