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Each one of us has dreams when growing up. Being a policeman, an air force pilot, and many other professions are the most common dreams for young boys and I was no exception. Growing up, I did end up gaining increased interest in numbers and finance became the most obvious choice. As you can now see, I was lucky enough to get a job in the financial markets, doing something I love. I know very well that only a minority actually love their job and look forward to the always evolving challenges. In my case, the job is always about making money. There are a million different ways to get it done in finance and we do our best to make the most money by limiting risk.

As you can see by reading this blog, I have grown interested in two specific types of investing in recent years:– dividend investing and long and short technology stock trading. Why tech companies? I think there a few reasons. First off, I’m fundamentally interested in technology, in innovation, and how it is transforming our lives. Because of that, I have been able to build myself a good network of people and sources of information to keep me updated on what is happening in the tech world. That is certainly part of how we’ve succeeded in getting solid results for the past 3 years. I do still have a lot of room to improve but I think that overall it’s met my expectations.

But There Is An Even Better Job Out There

Lately, I’ve became very interested with “Angel Investors”. What are they? They are generally defined as individuals that extend capital to businesses in return of equity in the company. The difference of course with buying shares is that companies that receive angel investments are generally very young ones that are not public. Some larger ones such as Facebook could also receive angel investments but it’s safe to say that most angel investors focus on much smaller companies.

Why It’s So Interesting

Personally, I find the process of looking at companies that are starting on and judging them for what they can be incredibly interesting. It is very risky of course but it’s all about trying to understand the tendencies, what is working, what consumers and businesses will want in the future, etc.

Is It Impossible For Me To Get There?

I would not say so but I’ve certainly got my load of challenges. I do not have enough money to do such investments right now, do not have the network to meet those working on the projects of tomorrow and would likely need to move to Silicon Valley in order for this dream to be possible. New York is starting to get into the tech scene as are a few other places around the world but mostly it’s only been happening in Silicon Valley making it much more difficult for outsiders to get in.

Am I The Only One?

Do you have a dream job or any type of dream that you aspire to? Are you unhappy in your current situation or very happy such as myself? I guess it becomes much easier to make drastic moves when you are not in a good position.

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  1. Comment by Sophie — July 26, 2011 @ 6:39 am

    My dream job was to be a doctor. I find it’s awesome to help out people. But I hate blood and looking at people’s insides… Me too, I found my path and was gaining increased interest in numbers and finance 🙂 I end up working for a broker and I love it!! I sort of help people in a way, to inform them and to advice them!!

    Of course there are plenty of better job out there, but you need to find the best balance in your life!

  2. Comment by Intelligent Speculator — July 26, 2011 @ 5:47 pm

    @Sophie – Thanks for posting that, yeah could never be a doctor either, as much as I would like to help people, I do have the highest admiration for everyone that works in the health care system though.

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