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avcToday I wanted to do things in a slightly different manner. Instead of pointing to different posts that I enjoyed, here are my favorite blogs and twitter follows, which may or may not be relevant to this blog:) Hope you enjoy and I’d love to hear about yours:)


ZeroHedge: Great financial blog, it’s fairly “negative/end of the world” type of thing but it’s generally well argued making it very interesting

A VC: Fred Wilson is a very well known Tech VC which writes a very interesting blog

AllThingsD: One of the top sources for Tech stock news

Blog Maverick: Mark Cuban owns a NBA team, has made millions in the tech bubble, has interesting views, so his blog is a great follow:)

NathanBerry: Very interesting blog for anyone who runs a website, all about designing sites, products, apps, etc

Seth Godin: Short but powerful thoughts!

Strength Running: Any runners out there? This personal running coach is a great follow and has helped me a great deal

The Art of Non-Conformity: Chris is an amazingly talented guy who runs several businesses and has visited (and blogged about) every country in the world in the past few years, not bad right?

Tim Ferriss Blog: This guys rocks, he’s amazing… !

Twitter Follows

@ThePointsGuy: If you’re into hotel & airline loyalty programs, great follow:)

@Carl_C_Icahn: You know who this guy is…He’s been very interesting since joining Twitter

@ElonMusk: I’ve written about this guy… we need more guys like him with big ideas

@TheMMQB: Great follow for NFL fans out there

@RogerFederer – The greatest tennis player ever.. enough said

@FitBit – I’m a big fan of their tracking devices

@JeffDSachs – I’m more conservative than this guy obviously but he’s got very interesting takes and ideas!

@BostonRob – Any Survivor fans? I sure hope so:)

@BenMezrich – I’ve discussed this guy several times, he’s my favorite author and despite being a Pats fan, seems like a great guy

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