Microsoft (MSFT) under attack, is it about to go under??? (Part 6 of 6)

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touchedupbinggoogleSearch.. A decade ago, search was probably not even considered an industry worth fighting for and with a dozen or so search engines such as Altavista, Lycos, and others, it was wide open. Now, it has evolved into a war of vital importance. The point is that as the world has became more and more digital, being the search engine has became something similar to the sun in our solar system; it is what the entire world web revolves around. And the truth is, after a decade of war between multiple competitors, many now call the competition a “Google monopoly”. No doubt, with a commanding lead in market share, Google has redefined the internet with many websites being built to viewed as best as possible by Google. And with search comes knowledge. No one in the industry comes close to the level of knowledge that Google now has. It can see trends, requests, and even find out where specific health problems originate and a lot more. What does that translate into? Money of course. If someone is buying a book and looking on Google, the company willing to pay up the most money will come out on top of search results, and that is worth a lot of money thanks to millions of searches every second.

Microsoft has been working hard and spending a lot of money trying to get back some market share. It dried revamping its search engine, made a bid to purchase Yahoo, and clearly has not been very successful as it continues to drop market share.. But that could now be changing. Microsoft(MSFT) has made a commitment which even by its standards is quite impressive. It completely changed its search business, renamed it “Bing”, and launched perhaps the most crucial product in a very long time. The search engine is young but has been impressive so far both in terms of capability, look and market share. It is far from being an immediate threat to Google of course, but it has the looks of a possible one. Especially when you consider that Microsoft is planning a budget of several billion dollars per year both for the promotion and improvement of Bing. Can it succeed where no other company has? I think it has a shot, which is more than anyone else has had in a long time. The most surprising is that Microsoft finally got rid of all those ads, links to other Microsoft services, etc that have hurt it for so long and has now gone for a clean design similar to the one Google has been using for years, just a bit cleaner looking in my opinion…!

It certainly looks like Microsoft has viewed the web as a war it cannot afford to lose and that is obviously bad news for Google. Will it succeed? Very difficult to say for now, but it is certainly not lacking the efforts or commitment..

Stay tuned for our conclusion on Monday about the fate of Microsoft…!

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