Microsoft (MSFT) under attack, is it about to go under??? (Part 5 of 6)

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google-vs-microsoftGoogle vs Microsoft… hundreds and hundreds of stories have been written about this great rivalry between the two giants, the “Good vs Evil” which Google certainly helped promote when it started promoting its “Do no evil” policy. It started out a long time ago when Google was a much smaller company that did not have power nor influence. Google became one of the main institutes to complain of Microsoft’s excessive use of its operating system monopoly and how it was using its power to illegally prevent innovation and take out competition.

Of course, when it comes to operating systemps, there is no secret, it is Microsoft’s life, its blood and what keeps the company so powerful. And Microsoft has certainly used its monopoly to launch and promote its products. And to this day, there is no true competition to Windows, the operating system used almost everywhere around the world. It is also what makes Microsoft able to pump money into its other ventures. There is no doubt that Microsoft cannot afford to let it slip away…

But things seem to be changing a little in the past few years… First, there was the gradual change in attitude towards “open source”, software that is used and and created by users, not for money. It is generally a lot more flexible and open.

And then, with the growing importance of “mobile”, a new familiar competition emerged as Google launched Android. It is an operating system that can compete with Windows for smartphones. That is worrying enough for Microsoft knowing how Google generally has success with its product launches. And now, news is out that Android will now be used on some smaller capacity computers, which is worrying on so many levels for the empire. Google has a history of offering great products for very low prices and with the high cost of operating systems, there is no doubt that any competition could force Microsoft to lower its prices and/or lose market share.

Of course, for any competition to be considered serious, the operating system would need to be:

-compatible with the majority of programs that currently exist

To be certain, the threat to Microsoft Windows is much greater with Android than it has ever been with MacIntosh operating systems and it is not clear what exactly Microsoft can do for now except hope that Google will not be up to the challenge, a strategy that has not proved successful in the past decade.

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  1. Comment by CPS — June 17, 2009 @ 8:38 am

    That’s an interesting read. I hadn’t heard about Android moving to small capacity computers (are we talking netbooks?). That could potentially be a huge game changer.

    It might be wise for Google to start to diversify as their dominance in the search world may begin to erode with Bing. Then there’s China and Baidu.

    So I would say both Microsoft and Google have a challenge attacking and defending territory. It’s just a matter of what is more important to each company.

  2. Comment by IS — June 20, 2009 @ 12:20 pm

    Yes we are talking netbooks, but as you know, it could be the start of some bigger project…

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