Lobbying…Critical Flaw In Our Democratic System?

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Today’s post is a bit off topic but it’s something that I’ve been very interested in. No matter if you are for or against it, I hope you can admit that some institutions such as the NRA seem to have disproportionate power in the government. For a company, an industry, a foreign government or any other interest group to be able to affect significantly government policies by spending enough money to get certain government members to be elected..

The NRA is a prime example because even in the days following the terrible shooting in a Colorado movie theatre, most politicians did want to even discuss having a debate about guns. Clearly, they are afraid of the political costs of even bringing up such a subject. The NRA has enough power and resources to influence what government officials can or cannot do.

In the same way, if you wonder what happened after the financial crisis when Obama came to power, promised massive changes and that he would go after individuals that were responsible. A few years later, we can see very limited changes in legislation and that no one was criminally charged. Is it for lack or proof? I doubt it. Much more likely is the fact that the powerful banks expressed their opinion on the subject.

It’s Only Getting Worse

It just seems like things are getting worse over time. These days, every serious company is putting up important sums into their lobbying efforts knowing that their competitors are as well. Even tech companies such as Facebook and Google increasingly understand how critical such expenses have become.

The End Result

As lobbying expenses continue to increase, it makes it even more difficult for an already ineffective government to get things moving. If virtually every important company is able to influence tax policies, environmental and business legislation, etc.. It becomes virtually impossible for the government to become efficient. Remember how Obama had promised to get rid of those earmarks? Well, he hasn’t and lobbyists are a major reason why.

I hope that at some point they will find a way to give the power back to the people who vote. Decisions should be made for the most part on behalf of the entire population, not based on who gave the most money to Senator XYZ, President, etc. I understand that it’s a bit idealist but there has to be some middle ground here right?

Do You Think I Am Way Off?

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  1. Comment by Hans — September 10, 2012 @ 8:56 pm

    Debate about guns, perhaps the debate should be about failing moral standards and the Communists who control much of America and most certainly the Demco party…

    We have a second amendment and without it, we the people would be arm less with a despot government..

    All I have ever heard from writers and individuals is how bad the lobby industry…I rarely run with the pack…

  2. Comment by Skeeter98103 — September 16, 2012 @ 8:24 am

    Short TERM LIMITS for all in congress. No pensions or bennies either.. Serve then get out! Lobbying only to present sides of issues… NO MONEY,GOODS OR SERVICES MAY CHANGE HANDS. NO QUID PRO QUO’S EITHER
    None of the current do this for me and I’ll vote for your… JAIL BIG TIME!! Public servants, cabinet heads and all lawyers may not serve in the congress.
    Anything said, shown or promoted in the media may only be the TRUTH with no sides taken. Any and all opinion must be separate from the news and bylined for whom it benefits… no exceptions.

  3. Comment by Robert Zaleski — September 17, 2012 @ 1:13 pm

    I agree on the lobbying. I’ve heard the Mafia actually started the practice though I don’t have references, just the word of a friend I trust from something he read.

    Guns are outlawed in other countries, including Mexico, I don’t think that lowered their use in crime.

    However if 5 upstanding individuals were carrying that night in the theater, I seriously doubt the incident would have gone on so long. Schools are also gun free zones, just makes the incidents all the worse, and the deranged all the more secure when they start. Cops arrive after crimes happen, you need to be able to defend yourself.

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