It’s All About Perspective… Japan (EWJ)

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A couple of months ago, I wrote about Japan, and how many investors are starting to believe that something big is happening over there. You can read my post here. There was always the chance that I was late to the trade but I had bet on the fact that no matter what you call this (comeback, bubble, etc), it might end up going for much longer than we could reasonably expect. Just take a look at EWJ (iShares Japan) over the past few months:


Incredible right? Unsurprisingly, the Nikkei (Japan’s main equity index) has a similar chart:


Of course, if you take a look at a longer period of time (say 30 years), you will see that it’s either:

-not that impressive after all
-has a whole lot more distance to go

I personally continue to believe in this trade, with a stop if things start to go the other way….

Any thoughts?

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