Is the US doing as well as we think???

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wallstA few days ago, numbers by the OECD were released regarding the life satisfaction numbers, or “happiness” rankings. And no surprise, the US did not come out with flying colours. In fact, the US did not make the top 10 coming out in the 11th spot. Of course, you would expect that with its very liberal policies, it might rank less well than more social countries such as those in Northern Europe simply because it is more difficult for the less fortunate portion of the population to get access to health care and education. When discussing this with other Americans, I often get the response that this is a rather subjective matter and that it is has paid economically. I’m not sure it is that subjective but let’s say it is, let’s compare GDP.

Of course, I think it is fully justified to take the GDP per capita because that is what matters really isn’t it? And you might be surprised to hear that in that category, the US sits at #15! So no, things are not perfect! I’m not saying the US does not do some things right but I just find it ironic when some act as if the US was the example to follow. I think the US does many things right and is an example to follow in many ways. But I think this is one of the reasons why Barack Obama has been so embraced by the world. As he said. The US is perhaps the most powerful nation in the world, but it is ONE nation among many. And should act as a leader, not a dictator.

Just thought it made for an interesting post. Before you ask the most “happy nations” are:


While the richest per capita are:


Now as we have written in the past we are generally right wing and thus not fans of taxes. But it is still interesting to see how the nations that do best in both of these statistics are generally nations that have higher taxes and are thus able to offer more equal services in terms of health care and education. I’m not saying that all nations should go on that road but I think we do need to look into such measures instead of simply refusing to even consider measures such as universal health care as many republicans wish for.

What are your thoughts on this? Would a universal model exist or does each nation have a different ideal?

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