How Well Do You Know Yourself?

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Both as an investor and as a saver, it often becomes very difficult to see our own weaknesses. That is probably why I trust my own trading skills but only to an extent. I do rely on safer and more conservative ETF index investing and a long term sustainable dividend porrtfolio to ensure my retirement, not on finding that next Apple ($AAPL). Even a stock such as Facebook, which everyone seems to hate but that I believe in will remain a fairly small portion of my portfolio. Why?

I Don’t Want To Overestimate My Skills

I guess as humans we are clearly bad at knowing our strengths and weaknesses. This was made even more obvious in this latest European survey… which was posted on ZeroHedge

Does anyone, even 1 single person outside of Greece think that the Greeks are the hardest working employees in Europe? Seriously!

Passive/Index Investing Rules

The vast majority of money managers underperform the index after fees. Guys that are skilled, work full time and yet fail to beat the indexes.

What makes you think that you can beat these indexes by choosing your favorite stock, the one your neighbour or best friend talked to you about, etc?

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