Google Chome OS vs Microsoft Windows

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google-windows_1439540cOnly a couple of weeks ago, we published a series about Microsoft’s fate and one of the posts was about its very public battle with Google. The battle took a turn many expected to happen a lot further in time this week as Google confirmed its intentions of building an operating system that will compete with Microsoft Windows, which is in many ways Microsoft’s blood. Take out Windows and it is debatable how Microsoft could actually survive. In fact, Google would like to redefine what an operating system is and make it a lot faster (seconds to load) and mostly browser based. It’s obviously very unclear at this point how it could all work but it certainly seems like something to worry about if you are Microsoft right? Surprisingly to many, the stock market certainly did not think so as Microsoft did not suffer. Was it because it was nothing new and had been expected by the market? Doubtful. My impression is that the market simply does not think that Google will be able to put up much of an attack on Microsoft’s might operating system. That in itself is very surprising given the love story between Google and the stock market.

p1-aq608a_googl_ns_20090708200817It will probably take 5-10 years to actually see results on this but it’s true that recent attacks by Google for example on the Office suite (with Google docs) have yet to show much progress and in fact have barely even had an impact on Microsoft’s business. There is no doubt that entering the highly complex world of operating systems will prove much more of a challenge. Google has also ventured into the browser game and while Chrome has some market share, its growth has been a disapointment to many. So this all comes down to analysts predicting that Google will remain a superior company, superior in search that is. For now, Google has very few believers in the fact it could pull off such a major offensive.

But then again, don’t you think that is exactly what Google wants to be? The underdog who nobody gives a shot to? Not too long ago, Google was a tiny company battling it out to try to make a name for itself.  Even its progress in the browser war seen by many as a failure is not seen as such by insiders of the company simply because they know how much time it takes for individuals and companies to switch gears.. and the operating system will be as long of a war as either company has ever seen…

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  2. […] “We allow trademarks to be used as keyword triggers in Adwords because users searching on Google benefit from being able to choose from a variety of competing advertisers” said a spokesman of Google. Of course, that defence seems very poor to me as there is no way a company can defend its actions simply by saying it is doing what is best for its users. Can you imagine all those torrent sites and others such as The Pirate Bay trying to defend themselves legally by saying that they are doing it for their users? Seems highly unlikely. Of course, Google will have a lot of other of arguments but I do think that this case should be followed very closely by all Google analysts. Today, the stock barely moved and actually rose 4,01$ to 414.40$ as few analysts give Rosetta Stone much of aa chance to succeed in this case. The story everyone is talking about is really about Google’s upcomming play on operating systems. […]

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