Gambling On Tennis.. Not As Crazy As You’d Think

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wawI’ve discussed the concept of sports betting as a viable investment strategy (that provides great diversification) in the past and would certainly love to give it a serious shot at some point. Last week I read a very interesting piece on Bloomberg about one of the guys trading such strategies:
One interesting aspect about this article is the fact that he seems to be using a strategy that would compare with the way several HFT’s trade stocks and other financial instruments. He basically does not care or even know what he’s betting on (in this case, tennis players). For funds such as these, it’s never about “liking” a specific player or name, it’s all about patterns, history, etc. He then heads to platforms such as London-based Betfair to wager that money on behalf of investors in his fund.

It’s Something I’d Love To Try

To be honest, a few years ago I did try starting a small fund that would bet on tennis matches. The problem like any other market is that it’s extremely difficult to do well while spending only a couple of hours per week when you’re competing against funds and analysts that do it full time. I’d be very curious though in finding out how well I could do if I was doing this full time. I’d probably have to start a website where I’d discuss my wagers, etc:) I’ll certainly keep all of you posted if I end up doing that. I guess I’ll add to the list of jobs that I’d love to give a try at some point.

Being paid to watch and be interested in sports? What could be better:)

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