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financial-planningThis week was another down week for Natural Gas as it merely escaped slipping undr the psychological 3$ level. How much lower can it go? Without further wait, here are some of the better posts/articles that I read this week:)

-I always wonder why people argue that a .50 or 1% difference in management fees (especially between mutual funds and ETF’s makes a huge difference over time), here is a good example!
-TFB discusses the different types of investors, which one are you?:)
-It’s an endless debate and frankly one I always wonder about myself, borrowing to invest?
-MTJ makes a new trade selling BA puts naked, will it pay off?
-GLBL, what are the 7 numbers you should look at when fixing your financial situation?
-A very good guest post on Four-Pillars about leaders training
-Another debatable point, does diversification rule?
-A subject discussed too rarely, lifestlye inflation and how to deal with it, by MDJ
-Morningstar discusses 4 sector ETF’s that arer recommended
-Missed out on the huge debate about commodity fund limits, here is a good summary
-Wow.. would you be better off in terms of pay while working for the Federal Government? You bet..

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