Financial Ramblings – Dow at 10,000

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djiGood weekend everyone! An up and down week and commodities continue to show extreme volatility, here are some of the more interesting readings I enjoyed in the past week:

-Will Oil reach 100$ in 2009 or perhaps even earlier?
Technical analysis of Baidu (BIDU)
Inspirational article about charity on GLBL
Travelling with credit cards rewards, how to do it without hassles over at Best Canadian Credit Card Finder.
-Very good article from MDJ about who should pay for dates🙂
-TheDigitariLife has its opinion on the Dow at 10,000… it may not last!
-TFB shows how we are not exactly living the 2nd great depression
-In general, I’m opposed to market timing except for speculative investment, here are some pros and cons
-Hopefully not an article you will need, preparing for an emergency
-Is gold still a good investment, read a few arguments here

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