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1-stock-marketIt’s been a bit of a battle of catch back up to everything after what is by very far the best weekend of my life, but I’m finally getting there and had an opportunity to scout over the web looking for the more interesting articles in my opinion. Here is a sample of what I found:)

-TFB had been considering quitting his job for a while and it looks like he has come to a decision, take a look at his reasons.

-I always find those who make picks in the airline industry very brave. No surprise to see Zach (one of my favourite bloggers) take a shot!

-BMSP explores the best stock to buy during a recession, is it too late to use those tips? Hopefully not…

-A good article by Canadian Capitalist about which types of investments should go into which account!

-Always unfortunate to hear about job losses, especially when it’s from a blogger you read and like.. Best of luck in your job search!

-An in-depth look into the many things I and many others should know about refinancing!!

-One of my favourite reads of this week, all about beggars, how well do they do, is it a career??

-A new type of ETF makes its debut, 130/30.. it will be interesting to see how this ones goes!

3 types of errors traders make!!

-Do you have any financial regrets? Of course you do. Well, turns out, so does MDJ!

-And finally, this article on Fool about Warren Bufft and sex:))

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1 Comment

  1. Comment by Frank — July 20, 2009 @ 9:36 am

    great ramblings. I liked this one: Warren Bufft and sex !!!! hehe

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