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It was another down week with a lot more negative discussions, Europe continues to look very nervous…! Anyway, I will enjoy the weekend and well deserved rest before another crazy week in the markets, here are some good readings for this week!

The Biggest Bubble In History? @ The Big Picture
Jeff Bezos owns the web in more ways than one @ Wired
Investing For Income In Canadian Energy Trusts @ CanadianOilStocks
The Ultimate Way to Bulletproof your portfolio @ TheDividendGuyBlog
Exxon (XOM) dividend analysis @ DividendMonk
How to become a financial adviser @ MoneyCrashers
Getting started with DRIP’s @ Dividend Ninja
China’s Imminent Collapse @ ZeroHedge
Having a breakdown while studying the CFA @ Smart Financial Analyst
Bulls vs. Bears Q4 2011 Edition @ BalanceJunkie
Taxes For Expats @ TaxesForExpatsHQ

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