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The weekend is here but the summer is almost over unfortunately so I’ll try to enjoy what is left of it as much as possible! Here are some interesting links from the past week!!

Tracking the European debt crisis @ The Big Picture
Top Canadian Dividend Stocks @ TheDividendGuyBlog
3 investments to deal with inflation @ Dividend Monk
The debt-free illusion and the stress of imagined retirement @ BeatingTheIndex
Greek Government not going bankrupt…yet @ Zero Hedge
Balance Sheet Basics @ CanadianFinanceBlog
Dividend investing vs. inflation @ WhatIsDividend
How did Warren Buffett get so rich? @ Monevator
Income Investing with S&P dividend aristocrats @ Moolanomy
How to withdraw from your RESP ebook @ MoneySmartsBlog
What to do after registering for the CFA exam @ SmartFinancialAnalyst
Oil Consumption by Country @ Curious Cat
How has buy and hold survived for so long? @ Hope to Prosper
Living the moment @ TheFinancialBlogger

And a trailer from Margin Call:

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