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I hope you are enjoying a great weekend, it certainly feels like summer is upon us, finally! It will be another big week with Google announcing results on Thursday among other things!! Here are a few interesting readings for this weekend!

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO – a great post! @ New Yorker
Why own bullion when you can own the producers @ PeterlBrandt
High Yield Dividend Payout Portfolio Paying 8% @ TheDividendGuyBlog
Diversify Everything You Can When It Comes to Money @ Experiglot
US tax payers bailing out Greece? @ Zero Hedge
Dividend Asset Allocation @ WhatIsDividend
4 Important Lessons For Investing @ HopeToProsper
Google+ is a major threat to Facebook @ Balanced Bull
Was The US employment report catastrophic? @ Balance Junkie
Some Perspective On The CFA exams @ SmartFinancialAnalyst
US Taxes: Enough or not already? @ The Big Picture
Why did the Ponzi scheme go for so long? @ The Aleph Blog

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