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It has been some time since I posted ramblings, I’ve been incredibly busy in the past few weeks and have also been stuck in the snow a fair bit, although not as much as some were in Chicago as you can see in this picture (I personally cannot wait for the summer to return!!). In any case, I’m back and ready to rock again! Here are my top readings in the past week:

What happened in the dividend world in 2010 and what will happen in 2011? @ TheDividendGuyBlog
AOL-Huffington Post: Why the heavy breathing? @ TheBigPicture
The US is spending 17.6% of its GDP on health care @ Curious Cat
Why Egypt matters to you and your money @ 20smoney
TFB Monthly income report @ TheFinancialBlogger
Pimco’s battle call to bond vigilantes @ BalanceJunkie
Vietnam devalues currency @ Marketwatch
Do you invest ethically? @ DividendMonk
Despite common knowledge, prices are surging @ Zero Hedge
7 ways to invest your retirement savings @ DoNotWait
Dividend Policy: Microsoft vs Berkshire Hathaway @ MBACaseStudySolutions

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