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Good morning, I hope you have a great weekend planned, I sure do and although my Indianapolis Colts are off this weekend, I might be watching some football tomorrow.

Here are some of my favorite readings in the past few days:

40, is it too late to invest for retirement? @ DoNotWait
Taibbi, Roach: Magic Money Printing Machine at The Fed @ The Big Picture
Government debt as a % of GDP @ Curious Cat
Investing is NOT sexy but the result is @
Why do so many candidates fail the CFA? @ SmartFinancialAnalyst
Changing the direction of The Financial Blogger @ TheFinancialBlogger
Getting real about real estate @ ZeroHedge
Investment property: How to make it a success @ SimpleFinancialFreedom
A primer on real return bonds @ Million Dollar Journey
What to do with your money in your 20s, 30s and 40s @ FreefromBroke
Microsoft: The big short @ SeekingAlpha

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