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Good Saturday morning to all of you,

The fall is officially now upon us and we are now leaving for work while the sky is still dark, not the best feeling in the world but at least it means that some volume is back on US markets. We are thrilled to finally do a new stock pick on Monday but in the meantime here are some good readings for the weekend!

What happens when you fall in love with a dividend stock? @ TheDividendGuyBlog
Netflix (NFLX) gets caught hiring actors as fans @ Forbes
Facebook founder gives $100 million to Newark school system @ New York Times
Alan Greedscam @ TheBigPicture
Global Tactical Asset allocation: Equities @ ZeroHedge
Which jobs would you choose if you were a millionaire? @ TheFinancialBlogger
9 dividend stocks give shareholders a raise
Your cheat sheet to gold investing @ WallStCheatSheet
6 reasons for not reinvesting dividends @ MoneySmartsBlog
Should the rich pay more taxes? @ PersonalDividends

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