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The market was brutal this week and while many survived thanks to well protected portfolios, many others lost… Thankfully we did ok:) Here are some good readings from this week!:

Your take; Dividend Investing through ETF’s or Stock picking @ TheDividendGuyBlog
Social media map @ Marketingpilgrim
Telling Swiss secrets: 222 Billionaires @ GlobalPost
Fed Claims it did not manipulate currencies in Q2 @ ZeroHedge
Ap-pre-ci-ate @ Man vs Debt
New sophisticated trojan has emptied bank accounts worldwide @ TechCrunch
Investing money on the stock market when it is down @ PersonalDividends
ETF does not mean index @ Wheredoesallmymoneygo
Next bubble to collapse: The Canadian Housing market? @ TheFinancialBlogger
Contango: A good reason to avoid commodities @ CanadianCapitalist
Why the economy is not relevant to investing @ MillionDollarJourney
Japan’s debt is so high, it doesn’t even fit on our charts @ Clusterstock
What to look when investing in fixed income? @ GreenPandaTreeHouse

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