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Good morning to all of you! The photo posted on the right was published on Facebook when founder Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Facebook now had an incredible 500 million users on its website. Incredible isn’t it? I had mentioned a book by Ben Mezrich about the story behind Facebook, the story is fascinating and the upcoming movie will surely be very entertaining.  No need to tell you that I am very anxious about seeing Facebook doing its IPO.

Without further wait here are some good readings from this week! Have a great weekend!
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And two non related links that were also very interesting:

UK built solar-powered plane stays in the air for 2 weeks! @ TechCrunch
Amazing photos of a whale destroying a yacht @ New York Post

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1 Comment

  1. Comment by Zavi — July 26, 2010 @ 7:48 am

    Really looking forward the movie, The Social Network!! WOW over 500 million members! I think it’s incredible and great!

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