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It was another intense week in the markets and there continues to be a lot of worry regarding the world economy and where it is headed. I’m hoping that the Independence weekend, sun, beer and good family time will give us all a much needed break:) Here are some good readings I enjoyed in the past few days.

Visualizing why the future of Europe’s finances hangs by a thread @ ZeroHedge
Why asset allocation is important to my dividend portfolio @ TheDividendGuy
Foursquare gets $20 million in additional funding @ TechCrunch
Apple finally admits antenna glitch @ TheBigMoney
Is the market headed down again? Technical head and shoulders indicate so @ TheBigPicture
What is your income raise this year? @ TheFinancialBlogger
Benchmarking dividend income @ DividendGrowthInvestor
I’ve lost a lot of money in the market, should I get out? @ GenXFinance
Is the commission paid to your financial broker ethical? @ GreenPandaTreeHouse
Will I lose my house if I file for chapter 13 bankruptcy @ WealthPilgrim

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