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Tough and busy week on my end but it is finally the weekend and today I had an opportunity to get a lot of reading done around the Blogosphere finding a few good articles. The stock picks continue to do well and I will probably be doing a new pick on Monday so stay tuned!

Sprotts last decade retrospective it’s déjà voodoo economics all over again @ ZeroHedge
UNG in freefall @ ETFDB
Twitter takes geo-location feature live @ InternetNews
Is China about to let to Yuan rise against the Dollar @ BloggingStocks
The FinancialBlogger buys GreenPandaTreeHouse! @ TheFinancialBlogger
Should you invest with LendingClub or is it too risky? @ ConsumerBoomer
Movie Review: Capitalism @ FourPillars
Your worst enemy when investing in stocks @ MillionDollarJourney
AOL launches stand-alone stream @ MarketingPilgrim
Penny stock trade @ MyTradersJournal

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