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After spending an amazing weekend spent relaxing, skiing, and enjoying the cold winter (for once it was enjoyable), I am ready for a new week but before we get started, here are some of the best readings I enjoyed during the past week, one of bloodiest ones in a while with most indexes tumbling.

Is the market doomed in 2010 because of a poor January @ MarketWatch
Options Strategy: Protective Put
@ TheFinancialBlogger
S&P500 pullback 2nd biggest since March09 @ Vixandmore
The old question: work or stay home? @ GatherLittlebyLittle
China leading global race towards clean energy @ NY Times
Rethinking the Latte factor @ MillionDollarJourney
Best performing stocks of 2009 in the S&P500 @ BuyMyStockPicks
Obama State of the Union 2010 @ FourPillars
Central banks getting ready for next gold move? @ ZeroHedge

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