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January is always a very interesting month as everyone rushes to their pencils to draw up new resolutions and see how everything is going. I do the same thing so I can’t complain but I just hope that everyone takes the time to look back at their resolutions at least once or twice per month, or less they will just be forgotten!

I cannot do these ramblings without first suggesting that you make a donation to help the situation in Haiti. I suggest giving to either Unicef or Care at Google`s page, or perhaps the Bill Clinton foundation. We truly can make a positive difference in this world and this is one of the moments where it can happen.

Here are some of the best readings I enjoyed last week:

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Goldman expects Q4 GDP to be 5.8%! @ ZeroHedge
Selling Puts on Intel(INTC) @ MyTradersJournal
The Invese relationship between gold and the us dollar @ MoneyUnder30
Roth IRA contribution limits for 2010 @ FourPillars
My Financial Goals for 2010 @ MillionDollarJourney

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