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Shopping for christmas goodiesGood day to everyone! Wow, only a few days left before Christmas and it seems to be apparent as the stock markets seem much calmer. Volumes were very low this week and even talk of Iran taking control of a part of Iraq territory did not have much impact on oil.  Here are some of the better readings that I enjoyed this week:

It is NOT late to do some moves that will save you taxes – Million Dollar Journey
Debt reduction takes tough love
– MoneyUnder30
4 ways to generate passive income – TheFinancialBlogger
Options strategy if oil is going to become stable? – MyTradersJournal
Investment strategy with 10K or less – GatherLittlebyLittle
You hear it over and over but it’s true, start saving early! – MyInvestingBlog
Very good thoughts on Gold – ZeroHedge
10 ETF trends – ETFDB
How important will Natural Gas become? – BloggingStocks

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