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yorkshire-landscape-112It continues to be very interesting to follow the markets with so much uncertainty, especially surrounding the US economy, dollar and deficits.

Friday’s employment report came in much better than expected with only 11,000 jobs lost, much better than in past months and than almost all predictions!

Here are some of the better readings I enjoyed this week:

-One of those very infrequent things, how do you claim capital losses from a delisted stock? From MDJ

-TFB is now 3 years old and has some great prizes (including free Ipod!) to celebrate!

-GLBL: 4 questions you should ask yourself when setting your financial goals!

-GetRichSlowly: Yes, failure is ok

-Canadian Capitalist: Very interesting look back at the returns of bullion Gold.

-Zerohedge: There are many theories about the importance of the Japanese Yen, and what its movements mean for the world economy and the world markets. Turns out it had its biggest weekly movement in 5 years last week!

-Stocktradingtogo: Top 10 hottest ETF’s for December!

-NY Times: Apple looking to buy a new music start-up? Will Dubai’s Financial Problems Spread Around the Globe?

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  1. Comment by Blain Reinkensmeyer — December 7, 2009 @ 11:38 am

    Thanks for the plug! 😛

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