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oil_pricesGood morning everyone! It was an interesting week in the markets with volatility picking back up, markets ending the week with 2 drops and oil back at 80$… bring back some memories? There continues to be a fairly large group that believes we are headed back for a major stock market drop..I’m not part of that group but the next week should be very interesting. In the meantime, here are some of the more interesting readings I enjoyed this week:

-TFB discusses the pros and cons of locking a fixed rate on your mortage. I don’t necessarily agree with the conclusion but it’s worth reading, you can give your thoughts.
-MDJ discusses why most financial planners do not plan finances!
-MTJ is selling some EEM puts, should make for an interesting trade:)
-Wondering how a good credit score can help you save money? No Longer:)
-Is oil being back up at 80$ a signal of upcoming inflation?
Should you take that call even without knowing who is calling?
5 ways to make sure you do not lose everything to the next Bernid Madoff
Is Calpers too big too fail??

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