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rio-olympicsNot to go all ego, but since this week saw the end of the third quarter, I had the opportunity to announce that I am still in first place of the stock picks competition, you can see my picks and results here. Thursday and Friday were brutal days in the markets, with bad employments numbers, gloomy forecasts, it was a difficult time for most investors as volatility shows signs of life. It will be very interesting to see how the markets react on Monday and if we’re set for a rebound or will the markets struggle in the upcoming week as well? At least one market did well yesterday as Brazil celebrated its success in getting the 2016 Summer Olympics!

Here are some of the more interesting readings I had this week:

-TFB discusses alternatives to inflation investing. I’m still not set on the debate between those who believe inflation is the concern against those who think deflation is still a concern but in any case it made for an interesting read.

-One of those questions many of us ask ourselves when looking for cash.. is taking money out of retirement accounts a good idea? Read MDJ’s view on the subject.

-Four Pillars discusses strategies you should avoid when starting to invest, many good ones and a simple but useful article for any beginner.

-Been declined for a mortgage? Here is what to do🙂

-Interested in buying shares of Dollarama? I’m far from convinced but Canadian Capitalist brings up some good points in his post.

-Here are 5 ETF’s that could do well if we are headed for a new bear market

-And yes, as I said earlier, Brazil did rally upon the news that it would get the 2016 Olympics!

And finally, GLBL discusses the heavy burden of debt!

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