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oil-and-gas-well-at-sunset6We had an interesting week in the markets with lots of action but most markets ending up down for the week and some already talking about a new crash? I’m not a big fan of the theory, but it should make next week very interesting!! Here are a few of the more interesting reads from last week in the blogosphere:

-TFB discusses the top Canadian dividend stocks as well as positions 11 through 20!
-Zach discusses credit card defaults rising and rising!
-A good post on GLBL about getting personal finances back under control
-MDJ: What is important about having m0ney for you?
-I did talk about fixed income ETF’s look at a trade on one of them here🙂
-How emotions affect fixed income investors by Canadian Capitalist
-A great article by to find and select a tenant!
-Will interest rates stay low forever by TCT!
Citigroup suing Morgan Stanley over Credit Default swap agreement..!

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