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ngA lot of interesting things going on in the markets but the collapse in prices of Natural Gas (it just hit a 7 year low even as oil prices continue to go higher, a trend few believed possible even a few months ago, and yet it keeps going and going, as well as the hype surrounding the problems of ETF fund UNG are at the top in my opinion. With that being said, here are the most interesting readings I enjoyed last week:

-From Seeking Alpha: Natural Gas: Was Thursday capitulation day?
-Zach discusses how Chart Industries is riding the current Nat Gas trend
UNG takes baby steps towards reopening
-MDJ discusses how to save money while travelling!
-Get Rich Slowly discusses the differences between high and low earners!
-GLBL has a take on when you should declare bankruptcy
-Even though he missed (barely), very nice saving done by MFJ
Should a girl check on her man’s credit?🙂 See reactions here
-What is your take on going out and making a real estate investment by Financial Nut
-TFB discusses the idea of withdrawing money from the markets once you reach retirement

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