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I should be able to visit Vietnam in 2010, and had been looking into ways to invest in this frontier country for a couple of years now, it is now possible so what better than inserting a nice image of the country in this post:)

-I had been looking for this for a while, an ETF that is dedicated to the Vietnamese markets, VNM
-Zach writes about a stock we have traded in the past, Blue Nile (NILE)
-MDJ writes an update on his Smith Manoeuvre strategy
Four stocks with sustainable dividends by DividendTree
-Maybe not fun to do, but a very necessary exercise by FP about the true cost of vacations
-A new trade from MTJ, FCX options!
-Canadian Capitalist discusses the rumors of higher taxes
-A V-shaped recovery in the making?
Are financial ETF’s signaling a pullback?
-Very interesting article about those Nigerian online scammers🙂
What is hot and what’s not in solar stocks

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  2. Comment by Canadian Capitalist — August 16, 2009 @ 9:46 pm

    Thanks for the mention! Interesting news about the Vietnam ETF.

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