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1290792Interesting times this week, especially with a great jobs report being released today and the unemployment rate actually going down, which came as a nice surprise and created a nice rise in US and Canadian markets. Here are some of the more interesting readings of the past few days:

-The Digeratilife takes a shot at one of those questions without answers; market timing
-GLBL looks into the impact of how we were brought up on how we deal with our finances
-MDJ looks into the purpose of having financial goals
-Live in Canada? Here are ideas for your TSFA by TFB
What and where should you study if you want to become rich?
-MTJ publishes a few picks that were done this week
-When you want to diversify from stocks and real estate, try stamps and art:)
-Zach reviews Blackrock which is enjoying a nice little run
-Oh here we go again…oil at 150$?
-The biggest ETF’s by Nasdaq
How much is a high salary in the US?
-In to dividends..? Wow, Manulife’s 50% cut might hurt…

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