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offshore-oil-rig-sunsetWithout further wait, here are some of the better articles that I read last week around the web:)

-Very interesting graph published by TFB comparing the return of the S&P500 to cash deposits..!
-Zach looks into the debate about position limits being imposed on commodity trading
-GLBL discusses how we can help unemployed friends!
-S&P500 is currently enjoying quite a ride
-MDJ gives us a breakdown of the net worth updated for July 2009!
-Some endowment funds such as Harvard lost big time in last year’s market collapse
-GDP numbers were released and the numbers were better than expected after all!
-MU30 discusses the never ending discussion about if it’s possible to get rich living on a salary only!
-Take a look at the current holdings of MyTrader’s Journal
-Interesting look at the fiscal impact of dividends depending on your income bracket

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