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66_new1Another week comes to an end with hopefully some better weather in store.. summer is halfway done, unbelievable isn’t it?? Lots of action this week in terms of earnings and M&A activity, so lots of good readings to choose from. Here is my selection of the best ones!

-First off, a very very cool story from TheFinancialBlogger .. like he says, money doesn’t buy happiness but it sure helps create magic moments!
-Thinking of buying a new property? Read this guide to the top mistakes by GLBL!
-Think now is the right time to jump in the market..? Read about two overbought sectors.
-Scarrrrry… the bailout cost $23.7 billions?
-Interesting article by MDJ about doing research towards the purchase of a car!
-This might be the path towards good investments, US government investing in battery powered cars.
Credit Card Changes: 5 ways to protect yourself
-USO has not been the reason I am leading the stock competition so I’m thrilled to hear others trading on it, see a short put strategy here.
-Canadian Capitalist looks into the equity premium, interesting view!
Microsoft’s profit and sales tumble.. is it the end???
Warren Buffet’s 3 investment rules for the ordinary investor!

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  1. Comment by Canadian Capitalist — July 27, 2009 @ 10:02 pm

    Thanks for the mention! Cheers!

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