Festival of Stocks – Investor Type Edition

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Welcome to the Festival of Stocks!

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If you read my blog, chances are that you like talking about investments. Most of us have an investment portfolio but we rarely manage them in the same ways. Active investors have different perceptions of the very same news and will trade accordingly. So before you share investment picks with someone else, you should ask which kind of investor he is:

joker-the-dark-knightMomentum Trader aka The Gambler

The momentum trader manages his investments like I help my daughter in her swing: they push when they think it’s good timing and pull back before the market crashes. They think they have that special 6th sense to know when the market is “high” and when the market is “down”. The problem is that the market is a psychopath… so tell me how you can predict a psychopath?

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graph1The Day Trader aka The Technician

Day traders are stock market cracks sticking to their 5 trading screens like flies on sh…… They really don’t want to miss anything as any tidbit of information is crucial. Volume, trends, moving average, big news… they look at everything and use their system to draw patterns. If their analysis is right, they may make a killing from their technique. However, this requires passion and a lot of time in order to be successful. I don’t have the patience (nor talent!) to track 5 screens of minutia 8 hours on a daily basis!

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timothy-sykesThe Short Seller aka The Pessimist Gambler

These traders expect stocks to crash and sell them short. This is how Timothy Sykes made most of his money. Many short sellers have been accused by Wall Street of pushing the stock markets down the stairs back in September 2008. As the world was about to collapse, short sellers were looking to buy their new Bmer with the profit earned from their short sales of Citibank, AIG and others. As in the case of the momentum trader, the short seller is a gambler and bets on bad news to make money on market swings.

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businessmanThe Stock Picker aka The Professional

While he thinks and acts like a Pro, it doesn’t mean that the stock picker is one. He usually has reasons why he buys stocks based on fundamental analysis. He might have spent 20 minutes or 5 hours analysing reports…. In the end, he is convinced of his choice. He follows each of his stocks closely and will trade them upon certain homemade rules such as gain/loss target, sector swings, fundamental changes, etc. While he can make a lot of money, he will only perform well if his analysis method is accuraate!

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warren buffetThe Buy and Hold aka The Warren Buffett

The famous buy and hold strategy is not too popular these days. Several articles have been written on the fact that buy and hold investors had left a lot of profit on the table when it was time to cash in their profits. I personally think it is still a good strategy but one must consider selling his holdings and not fall in love with them ;-)

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The Contrarian Investor aka The Rebel

The contrarian investor bases his trading strategy on the opposite of the market. While everyone is looking to buy, he looks the other way. It is actually one of the most logical things to do when you are close to stock market peaks and at the bottom of a drop. Someone who was buying stocks during fall 08 is probably laughing right now… oh wait, this is what I told most of my clients… they are showing double digit returns since then.

I hope you have enjoyed the Festival!

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  1. Comment by Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog — November 2, 2009 @ 9:01 am

    Thanks for hosting!

  2. Comment by John — November 4, 2009 @ 12:14 pm

    Thanks for the festival. It makes me discover a bunch of other blogs! Lots of variety!

    There is still a debate over the Buy and Hold strategy. Like you do, the best is that instead of trying to time the market, you set a range of selling at a predetermined number (average 20% up and down performance).

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